First Parking Mishap

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  1. Jill Kenney says:

    Just read your info – not sure what to call it – your last posting on Facebook. Glad you are enjoying your new means of transportation!!! I must admit I did laugh at you kicking the snow under the van while ordering a beer!!! A you know I no longer have to deal with the stuff !
    The weather here has been unbelievable great. This is the 2nd day in a month that it has rained. Spending hours and hours on the computer applying for jobs and filling out forms for employment agencies…non of which want to meet you – EVERYTHING is done online first. Then you wait one to three weeks for someone to call you. I need a job NOW. I’m not quite panicking yet. I miss singing and seeing you guys. I have not found a singing group or a book group that I am interested in yet. I did go on a great 4 hour kayaking trip with my son his girlfriend and two other women. We saw birds and gators….yup, they are everywhere. I will send photos. This is my first facebook response….you should feel privileged Heather (ha ha) Jill

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