First Day of School

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  1. danielle says:

    Oh…you’re much more gracious than I. I get VERY annoyed that the school has a whole summer off and can’t seem to use that time to get their act together. Grrrrrr.

    Although Trevy’s new SLP did just earn MAJOR brownie points by calling me to make sure I was okay with Trevy having group ST twice a week and individual twice a week. It’s not written into his IEP yet. And I love that she took the moment to call me!


  2. Great post, and OMG, we’re living in parallel universes today. Miles’ bus was somehow an hour late today also, and the driver actually thought he didn’t start until tomorrow. This was after his new temporary CNA called out sick (with a high fever–legit) at 4:45. So, while it was a logistical train wreck getting him to school, he left with the new EMT bus driver and I felt nothing but excitement that he’s starting 1st grade. OK, and relief that I bravely survived his first school morning ever without a nurse. GO, AIDAN! GO, MILES!

  3. Kristen Robie says:

    We have been in school since last week. Got two kids off, but Keira’s teacher canceled for today. So, only PT today. We communicate well, just never get services. IEP meeting again in Oct, (Developmental Ped visit first for advice) and I am going to go for full time therapy so maybe we will get a few days in every week. At least the nurse is great about communicating about the Type 1 diabetes for Kailyn. Doing Mommy therapy with Keira instead today.

  4. These are crazy first day/week stories. Not knowing when school starts? Not getting services? I so hope the educational community appreciates our patience and grace. Ugh!

  5. danielle says:

    Today (if you guys haven’t already read my post) Trevy’s new SLP actually CALLED me before initiating group ST therapy with him. She CALLED me and asked if I AGREED! It was the first time in a looooong time that I felt like his IEP was being used as it should be intended. A guide to help bring him to his fullest potential. Rather than a ball and chain of legalese vibe that I get so often from other school-based therapists in his life. Honestly, when they didn’t recommend OT & PT services for him over the summer, I agreed. Not with the idea that he doesn’t need those services. But with the idea that he doesn’t need those services provided by certain people. And I just didn’t have it in me to fight for services to be provided from people who consider it all a drudgery. Until today…I’d kinda lost all faith in that stupid document. Also…I’m feeling cranky anyway. Heather…I’ll let you be patient and graceful on my behalf! 😉


    • Kristen Robie says:

      I’m being patient because I don’t want the services they have put in place anyway. 2 hours a week with a special educator in my house and then they combine the special educator with the speech therapist one of those hours. So, 3 hours a week that should be 4. PT is seperate. I kept home health for her so they would not combine PT as well. They are using the floortime model on her. Works great if I had 20 + hours in my day to work on the floor with her, but I don’t. She needs ABA. Speech therapy seperately to work on eating and OT. I will push for 15 hours a week and hope for 6. They want her in a program. I want her at home until almost 3 years old and then at a certain school. Meetings in Oct again. Oh the joys of advocacy 😉 Sam is a different story and another Dev ped visit. lol

  6. Wow Danielle -I love when they get it right and the document actually works. Why do we have to get exhausted first? Remember I have patience and grace at this moment only because I took last year off from parenting and it’s only the first day of school. Don’t call me on any of this later. 🙂

  7. Kristen Robie says:

    That is wonderful that they followed the IEP! It does work when you get the right people!!

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