Decision Wheelchair

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  1. Karen, the PT who totally changed her opinion says:

    Congratulations on making a decision! Phew. Its an important one, and I know how much effort you put in to making this, espeically with all the trials and wall dents. I “hear” Garreth, but I have to say I think Aidan appears less disabled (=more competent) in the power chair because he has so much more independence. And, as you so eloquently described, he shows us just how smart he really is -he’s driving a motorized vehicle! Now, I can’t really help with how beasty it is….sorry….onward, Aidian! And we WILL continue to work on walking, so when Aidian drives to where he wants to go, then gets up and walks further, wow.

  2. TyTy the Bestest says:

    I say, get both! I’m never an either or kind of gal, I’m a ‘and both’ kind of gal. Its like sporty running shoes, for when those go with your Saturday jeans, and nice dressy shoes to go with dressier jeans. A wardrobe really does need both. Running shoes don’t go everywhere 🙂

    I know, I know, there are probably very good reasons for just choosing one, but whenever we can, I say BOTH!

  1. December 31, 2011

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  3. December 15, 2014

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