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Highs and Lows

Because Aidan is non-verbal and has complex motor control issues (his body doesn’t always do what his brain tells him to), he is a challenge to educate in a general education classroom.  I have been an advocate of inclusion for Aidan from the beginning and his special education team has stretched themselves to make that possible.  He participates in lunch group with a small group of typical peers who need some extra social interactions.  One...


Olympic Champion

Aidan competed in the Special Olympics last week.  It’s such a triumphant and emotional event.  Every year he does something new that amazes me.  This year, after competing in the 50 meter walk, he just kept right on walking.  Aidan was unstoppable.  I think he loved the idea that he could make himself go places.  In the 10 meter race he mostly looked around and soaked in the praise.  It was quite hilarious as I...


Aidan Turns 9

My son Aidan recently turned 9. He has a significant developmental disability and I’ve spent some time reflecting on our journey.  It’s amazing to look back and see how huge our community of supporters became and what impact Aidan’s hospitalization and first year had on people.  Seemed to put life in perspective.  On his first birthday I sent out a writing by Emily Pearl Kingsley called “Welcome to Holland” and I thought I’d update everyone...