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Moment of Truth

This photo was taken the night when Aidan was transferred by ambulance from the hospital where he was born to a larger hospital with a NICU. Functioning in his incredible provider man mode, my amazing husband allowed me to sleep until the ambulance arrived and logistics had been sorted out. When the nurse handed me this photo, I realized she wasn’t sure if I’d ever see my baby again. I’d like to say this was...



Last summer three of the four grandchildren were having breakfast at Pop’s house when Owen spoke up and asked where Aidan was. We said he was sleeping. The kids disappeared and we heard lots of counting, ignoring it as it was before coffee. Then in come the three grandchildren carrying Aidan, one at his head and one on each leg. After my initial, thankfully silent nervous reaction, I just stayed very close as they carried...


NICU Top Ten

Some friends spent a lengthy time in the neonatal intensive care unit and came up with this very accurate top ten list. It proves that humor is necessary in dark times. TOP TEN SIGNS YOU’VE BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL TOO LONG: 10. You know which fish in the 1,000gallon fish tank in the lobby is friendliest. 9. Your husband is amused by the squeaking sound his sneakers make on the cafeteria floor. 8. You contemplate...


Hackmatack Fundraiser

Our local playhouse has embraced the idea of building community for several years now by opening some summer performances to local organizations for fundraising. So for the upcoming performance, Team Aidan is partnering with the Hackmatack Playhouse to get Aidan rolling into his van. Buy a ticket from Team Aidan for an 8pm performance of Carousel on August 12 and Team Aidan gets part of the proceeds. Tickets are $22 and can be purchased by...


Out of the Mouth of Babes

Aidan got a fancy new wheelchair when he was 3. It had sparkly lights on the wheels and was down at the level of his peers. Aidan made his great debut in it on Christmas morning. His 3 1/2 year old cousin, who loves and knows him well, asked, “Is that the Baby Jesus?” Well, cetainly not, but a miracle in his own way.


Dr. Bowie

I don’t tell many people this but Liam was one of those kids who popped out after 2 1/2 hours of labor, slept through the night at 6 weeks, hardly ever said “no”, and never jumped off high places. Really. So it seemed perfectly logical to me that at the age of two, when Liam became big brother to Aidan, he was ready to become Dr. Bowie. Aidan came home from the hospital with a...


Favorites – Part 2

Aidan’s Physical therapist, Karen, has seen him since birth.  To me, she was wonderful from the beginning.  We forged an incredibly honest relationship.  She would give me exercises to work on with Aidan or equipment to use.  She’d make her recommendations, and then I’d tell her just exactly how often I would follow them.  I announce myself in her office each week by declaring to have earned an A+ on my homework or not so...



When Aidan came home from the hospital at 3 months old, he was seen regularly by 3 therapists.  They surely would never profess to have favorite families, but Aidan definitely had a favorite therapist.  Aidan had a large head and very weak muscles, so working on head control was exactly that – work.  His Occupational therapist and Physical therapist worked on that with him and they were, in my opinion, fabulous.  However, Aidan also needed...


Team Aidan Captains

I met last night with the captains of Team Aidan, 4 fabulous, creative, energetic,brilliant women!  There’s nothing like the companionship of women to make you feel like you can accomplish anything. It’s humbling to ask for help and so incredibly encouraging to receive it.  We bounced around a lot of fun ideas to raise money for Team Aidan and we’ll keep you posted because you won’t want to miss out.  And since I am a...


Highs and Lows

Because Aidan is non-verbal and has complex motor control issues (his body doesn’t always do what his brain tells him to), he is a challenge to educate in a general education classroom.  I have been an advocate of inclusion for Aidan from the beginning and his special education team has stretched themselves to make that possible.  He participates in lunch group with a small group of typical peers who need some extra social interactions.  One...