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Talking to Your Children

Thank-you to Reader Meredith for asking the question that feeds my passion, “How do we teach other children about disabilities?” I LOVE this question. First, let’s remember that it’s so important to do so because your children are the doctors, legislators, educators, caretakers etc. of tomorrow. We also need to remember that our children are being educated with children with disabilities. No time to discuss here but there is plenty of research to support how...


Finding Help

Thank-you to Reader Meredith for asking where to find support. Two words – OTHER PARENTS!!! People who have been through the system are the ones who can navigate it best. I still say my biggest gift when Aidan came home from the hospital was a speech therapist who was also the mom of a child with a disability. She was the first to tell me who to call for what. That being said, the internet...


Elephant in the Room

Thanks to Reader Oded for asking about the elephant in the room: “What’s the biggest challenge of raising a child with a disability and how do you deal with it?” This has a 3 part answer: Aidan actually cries all the time if he’s not receiving 100% of our attention. I can sing to him while I do dishes but that is less than 100%. He cries. The only person who can fully understand or...


Reader’s Choice

I’m looking for blog post ideas. What have you always wanted to know about living in this world of disabilities? Now’s your chance to ask. Email Me. I’m not an expert on anything but my life. I’m not guaranteeing answers but I’ll give it my best shot.



I have an amazing mom friend. We’ll call her Jane. She’s the one who taught Liam how to wipe the seat and wash his hands when he was done using the bathroom. She taught him how to tie his shoes. She taught him how to say “Yes, ma’am” when spoken to. We changed that to “Yes, mom” around here since we’re not from the South, not that Jane is necessarily from the South. Her kids...


Fooze Ball Part 2

Aidan and I played fooze ball again today and we were on the same team against, um, no one. We were rockin’ awesome! Then Liam appeared out of nowhere to challenge us. We started playing and Aidan started to cry. Maybe it was because I wouldn’t buy him a puppy or feed him cookies for breakfast or take him to Disney World. Or,um, I suppose I could have been a little overzealous in my coaching....


Fooze Ball

This is just sad. I’m a pretty competitive person and I played fooze ball today with my boys. Both of them against me. Aidan was on defense. Now, he has motor planning issues. While he can hold the bar to control the players, it’s really without purpose or control. I want to say I let them win. I could say they won because there were two of them. The truth is, I just plain stink....



We just had our kickoff fundraiser at the Hackmatack Playhouse on thursday night. It was a great success. When I started on this journey to raise money for Aidan’s accessible van, I knew I wanted to stay focused on people and the stories along the way. Thursday was a great illustration of that. My dear friends were there to jump in and help. My wider circle of friends came out to show their support. Then...


Sibling Rivalry

Here’s my dirty little secret……there is no sibling rivalry in my house. Think about it. Sibling rivalry is generally caused by saying something or doing something. Aidan can’t speak and can’t get anywhere on his own. That generally super stinks, but today I’m thinking about all the things I’m lucky enough to miss out on. Stuff like this: brothers who fart on each other an older sister who wraps her younger sister in toilet paper...


I Want My Dad!

Aidan gets to use his fancy walker at church because it’s a long and wide walk to the front row where I like to sit. He takes his time walking during the opening music which makes it all the more fun. This week Aidan’s Dad had nursery duty and we left him at the back of the church. When we made it to the front, Aidan grabbed my arms, swung his body around and started...