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Yeah Team Powerthirst!!!  The runners are coming in!!!!!  Meet us at Hampton Beach State Park (take 101 and turn left at end, go for about 1.5 miles) around 3:30 today.  Runners will be in btw 3:30-4 and there is lots of fun chaos.  Join us!!!!  We’ll have balloons!!!!


She’s My Tribe

I had a great meeting yesterday with a friend, family leader, and fellow parent of children with special needs.  It was absolutely wonderful to speak without translation.  I can’t share much of what we said because it would come off as seemingly inappropriate dark humor.  The truth is, if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.  If I had a dime for every time I said, “No way!! They said that?”  I will share this.  My friend...


Goal Met!!!

Aidan has met his goal of walking up 209 steps in support of Team Powerthirst who are running a 209 mile relay for him!  He cannot be stopped. How far will Aidan get by the time he crosses the finish line on Saturday?  Check here to find out and stay tuned to find out what time to meet us in Hampton Beach to cheer everyone on!


Flashing my Pecks

Thanks to BlogMaster Uncle Joshy for wanting to know “How and where do you find the courage it takes to fight for your child? I’m sure school can be a big fight but who else do you have to flash your pecks to?” I mostly wanted to write this post because I love that image of strength. I’m pretty sure I’m wearing heals and some sort of superhero cape. The truth is, I’ve been surrounded...


Aidan Runs His First Marathon!!

Ok, well, it’s not technically a marathon as it’s actually 209 miles. This is the Team Powerthirst Reach the Beach Relay and Aidan gets to be runner number 13 and cross the finish line with them! Aidan does have blue eyes like McDreamy and he’s pretty darn handsome too. It’s all very exciting and a great example of the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. How did this come about,...


The Powerthirst Story

They claim to run relays faster than Kenyans. Looks like we’ll see about that as they Reach the Beach next Saturday. The Powerthirsters are a team of 12 runners who run in a variety of relay races throughout the year. It started with a group of friends at work and expanded to include more friends, college buddies, and family members. The running and camaraderie was too fun to keep to themselves. Next Friday September 18...


Lippy kisses

Long, long ago in a galaxy far far away, my little boys would give me lippy kisses in abundance. Now you can hear Liam and sometimes my husband whispering to Aidan, “Please, take it for the team dude.” When Liam was maybe three years old, he spent the day at a camp with other kids, separate from mom and dad. They had a bathroom break. Wanting to encourage good hand-washing habits, his counselor prompted, “Now...


The Look of Love

Thanks to Reader Unlce Bill for this question and observation: “Can you describe the ways Aidan expresses his love and affection for friends and family? As an example, I love the way he pulls a person’s face straight up to his. He’s a joyful child.” Well, these pictures and Bill’s comment say it all. For all the challenges we face (see Elephant in the Room) the look of love makes it all worthwhile. Aidan zones...


Supporting Our Troops

We as a family love to support our troops by being Pease Greeters. Hundreds of people gather at a local airport and cheer and shake hands of the troops as they come home or are sent overseas. There is a small ceremony where the veterans salute the troops and share a few words. “We the old warriors salute you the young warriors.” It’s very powerful and moving. When the soldiers re-board the plane they are...


Government Funding

Thanks to BlogMaster Uncle Joshy for asking what sources of government funding Aidan receives. We don’t always get to see where our taxpayer dollars go so I’ll give a little picture. I’m answering with just the facts and you can process them however you choose. Aidan has private insurance with the rest of our family. He also has Medicaid. Between the two, Aidan receives after school therapy and medical supplies. These include, but are not...