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Open Letter to Steve Jobs

Dear Mr. Jobs, You have a wonderful opportunity to be a change agent again, not just in the field of technology, but in people’s lives. Your ipad is giving people voice. You could make a difference simply by talking to insurance companies and telling them the truth – your devices are augmentative communication devices that should be covered as such. I have faith that you have the ability to start this very productive and necessary...


Moving Day

So I think I’ve said enough good things about about my wonderful husband to throw in just one thing that drives me bonkers. He’s sees problems where I see opportunities. The glass half full married the glass half empty. The good news is (I’m glass half full so there’s always good news) if I just wait him out, he comes around. I usually wait patiently after the knee jerk reaction of, “No, it can’t be...


Thankful Thursday

So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day I’m taking a moment to be thankful for our family trip to Ireland 3 summers ago. What a treasure to see family, show the boys their roots, and travel to such a beautiful place. Take a trip down memory lane with me and get inspired perhaps for a trip of your own. I’d recommend using a company like to make sure you don’t miss any of the...


Leaving on a Jet Plane

No, not me, though in my head I’m already sipping Mudslides on a beach in the Greek Islands. Is that why nothing gets done around here? No, sadly, BlogMaster Uncle Joshy is leaving for Prague today. Um, we’re kinda Scottish as I’m sure you can tell from that MacIntyre tartan, which I’m under the impression he only wears to formal family events, such as a recent wedding. He’s the kinda cool that can own that....


Parking – Doin’ it Right!

I’m so excited to be driving around in our accessible van, but I am envious that I can’t be driving a Conklin Chevy, but obviously my son’s needs must come first. It really has made life so much easier with Aidan. That being said, we are completely restricted to those fabulous accessible parking spaces. The only Plan B is to go home. So BlogMaster Uncle Joshy has come up with some ways to communicate our...


Dear Dynavox

Dear Dynavox, Thank-you for being first. I know that like any good mother, you did all the hard behind the scenes work. Then in swoops Fun Daddy, the ipad, and gets all the love. And, like any good mother, I know you will continue to work hard to make life better and not worry about getting credit. I love that you have so many choices. My pictures can come in individual little boxes or as...


Surprising Saturday 5675Days!

So today I am celebrating 5675 days of being married to my beautiful wife! There are many amazing things that I love about Heather. She is so easy to be with and I love how she makes me laugh. I am humbled, grateful and amazed to be married to such a beautiful woman filled with love, laughter and compassion. She has a gift with words and I am in awe of those times I get...


Thankful Thursday

The truth is, I’ve started several posts this week and couldn’t publish them. I’m cranky and tired of being a mom and want to retire to a Greek Island pretty much right now. I couldn’t put together a wise nor witty post that wouldn’t just scream of mother on the edge. There really are no catastrophes to report and my kids are still fabulous. I’m just done with motherhood. So I’m forcing myself to find...


Spread the Word to end the Word

Words matter. While some may feel that choosing their words carefully will do very little to impact people with disabilities, I wholeheartedly disagree. Get the word retard out of your vocabulary and educate people around you to do the same. Just do it. Take a minute to read about this mom who stepped boldly into the world of Twitter to make a difference. To take action go here:



What a great celebration and orientation we had on saturday with our new van. Thank-you to everyone who made this a reality for us. Check out the article in the Portsmouth Herald.