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When Molehills Really are Mountains

THIS is the water bottle that Aidan drinks out of. Last year he learned to drink from a straw, which was much more age appropriate than a sippy cup. Recently, he learned to drink specifically from THIS water bottle. It’s bigger than a sippy cup so he gets more liquid and the size and straw type are just right. (I love you Thermos! Any Thermos execs out there want to send us a big ole’...


Just Read It

Read this then ask yourself, “Why would we ever keep kids with disabilities separated from their neuro-typical peers when amazing things like this are possible?” Really. Read it. Now tell me how fabulously inspired you are.


Not to be Outdone By Little Brother

Liam didn’t actually graduate this year but there was an awards ceremony as the kids move on to another school next year. He finished 6th grade. This is Liam (on the left) in his class performance of MacBeth. My shy boy did a great job memorizing lines. Liam also walked away with a Presidential Achievement Award, Honors all year, and recognition for being a Math Olympiad. Liam is a smart and respectful kid. That’s from...


Graduation Day!

Aidan graduated from fourth grade last week as he moves on to a different school building for fifth grade. I used to feel a lot like this mom did about graduations before high school – they’re a bit ridiculous. Really, what are you celebrating besides the cuteness factor? Well, with Aidan, everything is hard work. Some of his fabulous graduation victories include pointing, walking with less support, drinking through a straw, and making great friends....


Miles for Miles in the Rain

I’m so stinkin’ proud! Garreth did a great job in his first 5K and he was so excited to cross the finish line with Miles. Mile’s little brother didn’t mind the rain one bit. And the winner is……


Miles for Miles

This is why Garreth is running, because every child deserves safe transportation. Aidan has it and Miles needs it. Aidan and Miles shouldn’t have to have their heads bonked every time they get into the van. It’s not too late to make a donation here and write Team Aidan in the subject line. We’re excited to help get Miles rolling!


These Boots Were Made for Walking!

Did you just walk over to your computer to read your favorite blog? No, no, no, you did much more than that. The voice you heard in your head was your brain barking lots and lots of orders. Remember when you learned to crawl? Me neither. You were working on hand-eye coordination that later helped you take a pencil to paper. You even strengthened your muscles from the core all the way out to your...


Walking Towards the Big Run

Just six more days until Garreth runs his first 5k. I’m so proud of him. He just bought some new clothes to fit his new body. I’m full on ready to cheer for him. According to Team Powerthirst wife Christie, “Supporting a marathoner is just as exhausting as being a marathoner. I clapped for 4 hours straight, people. And I didn’t even train!” I’m ready to make the sacrifice to pay it forward for a...


TIdbits of Dessert for Thought

My fabulous and brilliant Southern friend summed it all up like this: If all you see is Aidan’s wheelchair and ipad, then you don’t get Aidan. If you don’t recognize that he’s in a wheelchair and uses an ipad, then you don’t get Aidan. Having a disability is a very real part of who Aidan is, but it doesn’t completely define him. Wondering how to start a conversation with a person with a disability? Just...


Commercial Interruption

I now interrupt your regularly scheduled posts for a shout out to the Hole in the Wall moms who so viscerally understand the concept that had me worshipping the porcelain god last night – I hate that I have to hurt my child in order to help him and I hate that not helping him means hurting him. Thank-you for doing this before me. You’re rock stars (and rule breakers DAWN and ANNA and drama...