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So when it comes to whipping cream, maple syrup, and chocolate chip cookies, my parents raised me right. It’s the real thing or nothing at all. They hoodwinked us with lobster, convincing us that the legs were the best part. Real whipping cream is a staple in Aidan’s diet right now, and is in fact, medicinal. That means we have a big batch of it in our fridge at all times. Sometimes it calls out...


Thus Begins My Favorite Week

– In which I wear an African headdress and walk with a basket on my head – In which I sing and speak a little in Swahili – In which I get kids excited about raising money for a school and orphanage in Africa – In which I will make a great effort to rap the Lord’s Prayer. – In which I will probably throw marshmallows at the Children’s Director (sshhhh…don’t tell). Yes, it’s VBS...


Speaking of Being Smart…..

Have you seen the movie Waiting for Superman? It’s really great. We’ve thrown money, legislation, and testing at our schools and somehow we’re not smarter. There are many great teachers, therapists, and administrators who are banging their heads against the brick wall of the system and are frequently unable to help our kids to the fullest because the system is broken. This film gives great examples of successful schools that make me want to say,...


Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Um, no I’m not, but neither is my sister. She called me today with a vocabulary question, which I nailed. Then she asked me a math question regarding some numbers she has to write in a report. We bruised our brains talking it out to get an accurate number. Finally, I yelled for Liam. He quickly did the math, told me how he got his answer, and we thought it sounded good. So next time...


Matchmaker Matchmaker

“…make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch.” So, Aidan is such a matchmaker. Fortunately, he’s completely committed to getting Garreth and I together. Done. He has grabby little hands that take each of us by the head and pulls us as close as we can possibly get. Besides the pain of having my hair pulled, it’s a great reminder. Stop what you’re doing and get forehead to forehead with your...



I’ve always seen myself as Aidan’s biggest champion. I have to be the one who believes in him most and fights for him hardest. That’s my job. But what about when I’m not? When Aidan was born I told his physical therapist that I wanted him to walk into kindergarten with whatever support he needed, but definitely walking. I gave her 5 years notice so I think that’s fair. We had no idea what the...


My First Giveaway

I’m so excited that I won my first giveaway (more on that later) that I just had to have a giveaway of my own. For now, I love the book Rules┬áby Cynthia Lord so much, I just have to share. This is a beautiful story about Catherine and her brother David who has autism. She helps him keep track of the rules for daily living, such as, “keep your pants on in public.” My favorite...


York’s Wild Kingdom

Thanks to the Team Aidan member who read about us in the newspaper and generously decided to comp us tickets to York’s Wild Kingdom. There really was something for everyone. Aidan enjoyed getting close to the goats, even when one tried to chew his sneaker off. We also saw alligators, kangaroos, and an elephant that paints and plays the harmonica. That elephant must have a great occupational therapist, or do you think he just does...


Counting with The Count

Was it really so wrong of me to count Aidan’s seizures like The Count? One seizure, ah ah ah, two seizures, ah ah ah….Come on Aidan, make it to 12 so we can sing the 12 song!


Super Mom

So we’re counting Aidan’s seizures now because we’ll be trying a new treatment soon and need data to know if it works. The other morning I was in another room and realized I was counting his seizures based on my fabulous intuition, which turned out to be right. I came to the obvious conclusion that I have superpowers. I’m wondering if that’s a transferable job skill I could add to my resume. “No sir, I...