Senior Year Book

We need to talk about this being Aidan's Senior year of high school. This isn't going to be a grief filled post about how I wish we were looking at colleges and preparing for him to leave. Nor is it going to be a sappy look how hard he's worked and how much he's accomplished kind of … Continue reading

We Graduated!!!

We did it! We graduated a kid and we survived. Actually, Garreth and I did more than survive; we glittered joy on the entire big week. Listen, graduating a kid is no small thing. But add to that the dynamics of differing expectations, varying levels of emotional bandwith, logistical chaos, and, … Continue reading

As You Become

For my Bowdoin bound boy┬áin honor of Bowdoin One Day. ***** I hope you stay curious that your brainiac wheels keep turning, wondering, asking questions about the world around you and the topics before you that you spend hours with your nose in a book stretching your mind, and hours in … Continue reading

Boys will be awesome

This kid right here...   My heart. I thought I would be getting all weepy in this season of lasts. His last team dinner at our house, his last cross country meet, his last awards night. These events are scheduled to happen in the next few days but I'm not feeling that sense of … Continue reading

Summer of Adventure

This was going to be the Summer of Adventure, of Making Memories, or at the very least, Getting Out of the House. Let me start by saying that my threshold for adventure is quite low. While I'm pretty sure my siblings have all jumped out of airplanes and such, I tend to think adventure is … Continue reading