Buh-Bye PT Services*

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  1. trevorsmommy says:

    My random complaint about budgets and such.

    Our state has been cutting budget services like mad, although I will say Trevy continues to have a good program wrapped around him.

    However, our town recently had a big hulabaloo over “cutting the budget if we don’t raise taxes”. Again. Every year, in fact. We pay property taxes to the tune of $3000 a year and growing on a house which continues to depreciate. We “lost” $40k in equity on our last assessment. So we have a town vote a few weeks ago to yet again increase taxes. We must carry the school of course. Because we wouldn’t want our littles to lose sports…or therapies…or… And it takes a village, you know.

    Yet everywhere I’ve been lately…all I hear from the school staff is “did you hear about the budget cuts?!” or “I don’t know where she’ll…he’ll…they’ll…be next year because of the budget cuts!”.

    This is insanity.

    And I’m more than a little peeved by the whole lot of it.


  2. It is sad we have to fight so hard to give our children, and so many others, what they deserve. Thank you Heather for fighting this battle so many children are left to never fight. You are a strong woman and many people gain from your battles. I know it is not fair, but you are helping so many people currently and many others in the future. Thank you Heather!

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