Bleeding Words

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13 Responses

  1. Uncle Bill says:

    Sticks and stones can break words’ bones. You go, Heather. Crush those old ‘truths’ to make room for what’s real.

  2. Sylvia says:

    *dislike* the reason for this post. I know that pain.

  3. may it slow to a tiny trickle, a seeping

  4. K says:

    Your words bring tears to my eyes and penetrate my soul. Thank you for writing. As someone with mild CP, I will never truly know your pain but I can feel it through this post and I will keep you in my prayers!

  5. Joy says:

    What a powerful post, full of emotions. Hope you smacked all of those nasty words right in the face! xo

  6. Bonnie says:

    All I can say is – love you, Heather and praying for you!

  7. Natasha Metzler says:

    This is beautiful, in a raw and real way. Thank you.

  8. Jamie says:

    Very Powerful Indeed! Thank you for sharing. ~ Jamie ( hopping over from Love That Max)

  9. mamadeano says:

    Always inspired by your honesty and courage x

  10. Appreciate it from Gawley’s Gate 😉

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