Birthday Snippets

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  1. it looks like you all had a great day, happy Aiden and well done Liam for the cooking! We have been watching masterchef final over past few nights how good the finalists were and how great the winner was who has shone throughout the series she so deserved to win.
    Love to all

  2. Karen says:

    I’ve been waiting all day to view the pictures (hospital blocks them) – priceless!

  3. Well, it seems a certain birthday boy takes after his mom with choosing chocolate. Happy birthday! Sounds like a special day for an awesome 11 year old!

  4. You are a way better birthday mom than I am – for Nathan’s birthday on March 13, I got him a birthday cake and….that’s pretty much it. I was operating under the assumption that “he’s only two, he’ll never know the difference as long as there are pictures in the family album of him with a cake.” Of course, all of the photos that I took HONKED. Terrible. Horrible. Underexposed. Blurry.

    Oh, well. He knows he’s loved, right? 🙂

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