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  1. Michelle says:

    HI Heather,
    At the elementary school where I teach, a 5th grade student with pretty severe needs was able to communicate with his classmates for the first time ever, thanks to some amazing technology that could speak for him as he programmed the device. Kids asked him questions, like what food he liked, what kind of music he listens to,etc, and they realized that this boy was exactly like them. The class has completely changed and become a community where this boy is included and sought out. And this boy was able to say that he’s relieved that others can know the real “him” inside. I know this is a rare moment and not common, but it gives me hope as we deal with our daughter’s autism and prayer that she’ll someday develop a real friendship with someone her age.
    ~ Michelle Koerner

  2. Heather says:

    Michelle – I love that! And yes, commonalities are a huge bridge. I take hope in this as well. Thanks for sharing.

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