Be The Change

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  1. This is one of my favorite quotes. But my world was rocked when I heard a sermon about it. The words are BE the change. Not DO the change. It is about how you ARE, not just what you do.

    So, I love that you are fighting, writing, raising awareness and not settling for this injustice. But please know that just in who you ARE, you are also being the change you wish to see. And I love you tremendously for it.

  2. Oh Christine, I LOVE that! Gosh that makes change seem so much more attainable (and you just gave me another great idea for a post).

  3. Padgett says:

    Thanks for this…and for all you do, yourself. As a mom of a special 14 month old little girl with DS who has survived four major surgeries in her first six months of life with more strength and happiness than many people demonstrate in their whole lives, I admire Maya and her family and so many others. I’ve become aware of them because of our daughter, and I am amazed and awed. I have claws that come out for my daughter and other children, and love and admiration for all the parents and loved ones. Our world of special needs is truly special because of people like you. Thanks for standing tall so those of us newer to the hurt and frustration can learn to do so too.

    • Padgett – Thanks for stopping by and yes, this special needs community is powerful and encouraging. I hope you find what you need to keep on keeping on with your daughter.

  1. July 18, 2012

    […] week I quoted Gandi and the need to “Be the change.” I then proceeded to map out some of the voices in disability world that have been heard and […]

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