And the Power Chair…

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  1. jeanette malone says:

    Hi. After reading your post my initial thought was “Would it be better for Aidan’s muscles to have the manual chair” meaning he’s forced to build up arm muscles because he’s using the manual? And would that help with the wrist control issue for a power chair down the road??

  2. jeanette malone says:

    Okay, so I read this post first and didn’t see the one before it….you’ve already addressed this thought…silly me….

  3. Jessica says:

    He looks like he’s enjoying the power chair so much! And that giggle!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I suppose getting both chairs is out of the question? Or would require massive fundraising?

  5. Rebecca – Yup, one chair is most realistic and I really just want to choose the one that will be most beneficial. I did think of the 2 chair route since they are both so different, but, I want to settle on one.

    And yes, he’ll get stronger in the manual and who knows what could be down the line for him!

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